Managers & Coaches

Welcome Managers and Coaches.

This page is here to help you and your team get ready for the season.


Please fill out the appropriate volunteer form below.  Also, be sure that all of your coaches for your team have filled out the forms.

If this is your first time volunteering to help with Ewing Little League, complete the form below


If you volunteered for Ewing Little League last year, complete the form below


Completed forms, along with a copy of your driver's license, should be turned in to either the Safety Office, Michelle Ordini, or Commissioner, Jimmy Gummel.

Safety Clinics

All Managers are required to attend one of the following Safety Clinics being offered by District 12


All Managers and Coaches are required to be fingerprinted every 3 years.  If you have been fingerprinted for other Township sports such as soccer or basketball, you do not need to be fingerprinted again.  If you are unsure if you 3 years is up, please contact us at  We will check the master list and get back to you.  For those of you requiring fingerprinting, please fill out the following forms and schedule an appointment.  Appointments must be made online at IdentoGO.


Concussion Training

All Managers & Coaches are required to watch the training video provided by the CDC.  Once completed, please print out the form and submit it to either our Safety Officer, Michelle Ordini, or the Commissioner, Jimmy Gummel.

Concussion Training Video

Coaching Clinic

District 12 is offering a coaching clinic for T-Ball and Coach-pitch managers and coaches.  If you are interested in attending, see the flyer below for information and notify Ewing Little League that you will be going.

Pitch Counts for Majors & Minors

Little Leagues Rules for Regular Season Pitch Counts

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